Vision eines deutsch-türkischen Kulturkanals

NewMedia for NewEuropeans

Vor einer Expertentagung der EU-Kommission zum Thema „Enlargement and New Information Strategies“ präsentierte das Kulturforum 2005 das Projekt NewMedia for NewEuropeans; z. Zt. beschäftigt sich eine Arbeitsgruppe mit der Entwicklung von Modellprojekten für integrative Angebote im Fernsehen und im Internet.

European integration is striding ahead; the European Union has new members, new  candidates and new neighbours. The integration of institutions is a rather political  and often bureaucratic process. And the process of bringing both sides together to  get to know each other better, and bringing wide sections of society together can also be a long haul.

The necessity of a new and intensive media system providing the public in the new member states with adequate information, and better, with infotainment & edutainment, is beyond discussion. It is however also necessary to improve media tools to inform the public in the EU about all the aspects of the desired integration of those new members and candidates to European values and norms.

Neither the print media nor the TV-channels in Turkey for example (as a model  for the candidates) and the Turkish-owned media in the EU are able to circulate  such information due to the lack of sufficient means and information.

It is therefore an urgent task to develop innovative and sufficient media projects  to achieve a long-term and an everlasting, profound progress in the relations between the Turkish public opinion and the EU – perhaps as a first step on this field, taking also into account the existence of nearly three Millions of Turks living already within the borders of the EU.